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Best Physical Relationship Positions During Pregnancy

Best physical relationship Positions During Pregnancy
Do you know what is the best physical relationship position for pregnant, it is very important to know the physical relationship position during pregnancy. Pregnancy for all women is the most important time of their life. During this time women need special care and rest. But during this, Their happiness is also very important. As we all know, pregnancy time is 9 months but it is already done. As you all know that physical relationship is an integral part of human life, since the time of pregnancy is long and during most pregnancies, physical relationship in most women The desire to do is intense. Therefore, physical relationship is not considered difficult work during this period.
It is therefore important to take care of position during physical relationship during pregnancy. But a physical relationship is not safe unless the doctor advises physical relationship to be taken during pregnancy. So if your doctor has given you permission to have a physical relationship during pregnancy, then you should During pregnancy you can learn about physical relationship positions and use them.

Pregnancy physical relationship positions

Unlike beliefs, physical relationship is safe during pregnancy. Rather, it is beneficial for some women to have sex during pregnancy because they control the hormone imbalance in their body. Women often suffer from stress during pregnancy, but during this time having a physical relationship with them Mental stress can be relieved. During pregnancy, physical relationship positions not only help to fulfill the wishes of both partners but also help to protect the baby in the womb. If you and your partner want to get physical relationship pleasure during pregnancy, to be advised.

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physical relationship Position for the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Normally physical relationship is safe and easy during the first trimester of pregnancy. Because there is no change in the size of the stomach in the female. During this time you can use physical relationship positions as per your wishes. physical relationship in the first trimester of pregnancy is healthy for your brain

There is a good way to remove nausea and fatigue as well. Apart from this, physical relationship is also increased in the production of progesterone which keeps enough lube in the vagina. All the physically active areas of your body (erogenous zones) which are sensitive to breast and skin React more than touching, which brings more happiness. However, during this time it should be taken care that women do not have much pressure in the stomach. To get stress-free Physical pleasure in the first trim, try some safe physical relationship positions mentioned here.

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Missionary Pose for Safe physical relationship Positions in Pregnancy

Missionary physical relationship position is considered safe for getting Physical pleasure during pregnancy. In this situation, the male is above the woman. This condition is considered safe for pregnant women. To achieve more physical pleasure during the first trimester can be availed by the missionary position. In this situation, the female partner has the freedom to keep her legs down or up. While using hands to cheer male partner or his Stay free to pull aside. But you also need some precautions while doing this Physical situation. You can put a pillow under the woman to make this situation more enjoyable.

Scissor position for safe physical relationship in pregnancy

Scissor position for safe physical relationship in pregnancy-2
This physical relationship situation is also helpful in making a safe physical relationship for a pregnant woman. In this situation, you face your partner and open your feet. This condition is helpful in raising Physical arousal because during this time both men and women can kiss each other or chew. But during this time if necessary, you can put a pillow under the waist of a female partner. physical relationship in this yon currency during the first trimester of pregnancy.

It is considered safe to do.

Safe physical relationship in the first trimester is Modified missionary position
In this situation, the female partner is lying on the bed with the support of the bench while the male partner stands on the ground and is bowed towards the woman. In such a situation, extreme pleasure is achieved by having a physical relationship in the woman because there is a very little angle in this situation. By which man’s Part goes deep into the woman’s Part is. Apart from this, in this situation, women can also wrap the male with their feet to make balance. In this situation, some pillows can also be used to give comfort to the woman.

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physical relationship Positions During Second Quarter

The second trimester of pregnancy is also called the Honeymoon period. This is the best time to have a physical relationship with your partner. At this time the effects of problems such as meningitis and nausea decrease, as well as balance of hormone levels, which leads to more bliss. But physical relationship during this Caution is necessary while doing this because the size of the stomach increases in this period. These physical relationship positions can be used in the second quarter for more satisfaction.

physical relationship Position Side Saddle During Second Quarter

Scissor position for safe physical relationship in pregnancy
During this period, the woman is above her male partner to make a physical relationship. Because in this situation there is no pressure on the female partner’s stomach. Apart from this, female partners and male partners get more time to kiss each other and touch. physical relationship Positions During Second Quarter The advantage of side-saddle physical relationship position is that having a physical relationship during this posture does not cause any kind of pressure or damage to the fetus.

Sitting position during second quarter

In this physical relationship currency, the male sits on the companion chair or sofa and the female partner is above him. In this situation, women and male companions are wrapped in each other. Since in this situation, the female is above the male partner hence there is no pressure in her stomach during this period. Also when the woman And both men are in front of each other, then they get more happiness. Apart from this, it is also helpful in reducing the possibility of any type of pressure or loss in the embryo. But in this situation, while having a physical relationship, keep in mind that the back is making your balance.

Because in this situation there is pressure on the male partner behind.

The Women on Top physical relationship Position in Second Quarter
This is the best way to have a physical relationship in the second trimester of pregnancy. In this posture, the female is also above the male. The woman can lean forward or backward while sitting above her partner. The advantage of this situation is that there is enough difference to push the male partner. This situation also looked good Because during this time there is no stress or pressure in the womb of the woman. While doing this Physical exchange, keep in mind that putting more strength can hurt the fetus.

physical relationship Positions During the Third Quarter

This condition is very important during pregnancy. Because in this situation, the size of the woman’s stomach increases further. Therefore, during this time special caution is required while having a physical relationship. In this situation, many women suffer from hemorrhoids. Therefore, during the third trimester of pregnancy, anal Avoid coping. Because it can be extremely painful. Apart from this, it can also cause bleeding. During anal intercourse, this should also be avoided because it can spread the risk of infection. During the third quarter, safe physical relationship positions are as follows.

Spooning physical relationship positions during the third trimester

This condition is one of the safest physical relationship currencies during pregnancy. In spooning position, both partners have to lie beside each other. In such a situation, the male partner enters his Part into the female Part.

This situation is beneficial in the third trimester because women do not need to have more strength in a physical relationship in this manner. Its arouser, this physical relationship position also helps to widen the part of the woman. At the same time, in the form of physical relationship in the womb, Does not matter. As a matter of caution, a pillow can be placed under or below the woman to reduce pressure while having a physical relationship.

Safe Doggy Style physical relationship Positions in the Third Quarter

It is believed that a dog styled physical relationship position helps women achieve extreme happiness. In order to perform this posture, the woman has to lay knees of both her legs and both hands on the ground. While the male partner enters the Part in the Part of the woman from behind.

This technique is the most common for a physical relationship, but it is very safe for the third trimester of pregnancy. Because in this situation there is no harm to the womb or fetus of the woman. But, while having a physical relationship in this posture, note that due to excessive pressure from behind, women’s wrists There may be a pain in it, as well as a strong push can cause damage to the cervix. Therefore, the male partner needs to be careful.
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