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Clay or pot (Matka) water benefits and side effects

Clay or pot (Matka) water benefits and side effects
In this article you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of drinking pot (pot or jar), the earth is rich in various vitamins and minerals. Pottery has earthlike properties. Our ancestors knew about these qualities, that is the reason they used these clay pots. Even now, in some houses, the old rules are followed and instead of using the refrigerators, they prefer to keep water in these utensils. The health benefits of keeping water in pottery are as follows

Why does the pot water cool down

In the pottery, there are natural cavities which help to cool the water. When water is kept in the pot, it is evaporated, so that the particles of water get energy in the form of heat and then turn into gas and mixed with air and spread in the pot so that the water of the pot gets cold These dishes not only give you cold water to drink but also provide the properties of earth (soil). The most important thing is that pottery has the ability to cool the water according to the climate. This is a special quality because no other container holds the same quality.

Clay or pot (Matka) water Treats bad throat

It is normal to drink cold water from refrigerators during the summer months. But sudden changes in water temperature from the refrigerators can cause throat problems. Instead, try drinking water from a pottery vessel. This water is good and it is very pleasant to drink. The water placed in a pot of earth has a good effect on the throat. It is an ideal beverage for people suffering from cough or cold. The water of pottery is known to completely extinguish your thirst.

Advantages of drinking pot of water in pH balance
The nature of the soil is alkaline, so it helps to maintain pH balance in our body because it is believed that the nature of the human body is acidic. Alkaline soil reacts with acidic water, causing proper pH balance. Drinking water from pottery gives relief from acidity and gastronomic pains.

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Matte Water Benefits for Digestion

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Drinking water from pottery can promote metabolism without hazardous chemicals like BPA, which can be found in plastic bottles and containers. Except for plastic bottles, it helps in maintaining the level of testosterone in the body. The mineral present in this also helps to improve digestion. The body’s natural metabolic system can be increased by using stored water in pottery. This is because this water does not come in contact with any kind of chemical components.

The benefits of drinking pot of water are to avoid heat

We all know how painful the Sun is in the summer. You can control it easily, just start drinking water from the pottery. Because it prevents us from the stroke of heat by making necessary nutrients and vitamins available to maintain glucose in the body.

If you are not currently using clay utensils to store water, then it is advised that you use the pot. Also, keep in mind that these vessels should be cleaned well in 2-3 days and then fill fresh water in it.

The benefits of pottery are abundant with therapeutic properties

Maybe you do not know but pottery has the healing properties. This is because different types of mineral-rich soil are used to make pottery. When the water is placed in a pottery pot, the soil treatment powers provide benefits to your body in combination with water.

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Potable water saved from harmful chemicals

The biggest benefit of drinking water from pottery is that there is no fear of any harmful chemicals in it. In plastic bottles, a powerful toxic chemical is due to BPA which is afraid of intravenous disruption, which is not in pottery. Potential of pollution in pottery is almost absent. Water storage should be done in pottery because it not only enriches the water but it also ensures that it is not contaminated.

The benefits of potato water prevent acidity

You and your family members should drink pottery water and get the benefit of it. The pH level of water can be balanced in pottery, so it helps us to prevent gastric and acidity related problems.

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Pottery is cheap with plastic bottles

Pottery can be used for many years if they are well kept clean and safe. Also, these utensils are fully environmentally friendly, whereas plastic bottles can be used only once and they also damage our environment. Due to prolonged use, pottery utensils are much cheaper than plastic bottles.

Earthenware environmentally friendly

Using environmentally friendly options in all areas of life is a good initiative. Most of us keep water in plastic bottles and store them. While we all know that plastic is not easily decomposed. Apart from this, there are harmful toxic chemicals. It produces millions of tons of plastic waste and one very small part is recycled. Pottery is absolutely natural, biological and environmentally friendly.

Loss of drinking water

Keeping the water in the pot is not known about any kind of damage from its use, but it is still necessary to take care of certain things.

Some tips to keep on drinking water
  • Keep your stomach clean and germ-free. Pottery vessels can retain water and can quickly collect scum. Cleaning and drying is best considered after filling the mat and after each use.
  • Various types of pottery are available in the market. It can be easy to handle a small jar while walking around a big pot or pitcher can be difficult.
  • If you use Matka, then keep it covered by worms, dust, and other contaminated substances to stop them from falling at all times.
  • Place the pot on a strong table or keep it near the window. Air will help keep the water cool. During hot months, you can wrap a clean damp cloth around the Matka for more cooling.
  • Use a clean, long-handled handle to take out the water from the pot. Dipping a glass or touching the water with your hands can contaminate it.


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