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Condom may have to use such expensive …

Condom may have to use such expensive -2
Condom is used not only to avoid unwanted pregnancy but also to avoid many diseases. Condom is the most used to avoid fierce illnesses such as AIDS. But sometimes condoms are proven to be deadly. Because many such cases have been heard that if the condom is kept inside the vagina after intercourse, sometimes it gets spoiled before sexual intercourse. To avoid such cases, use condoms in this way.

So happens

Such cases arise when the basic understanding of the condom and the properties are not cleared. Many times people do not even use condoms properly, so even such a situation arises.

Use this way

  • Never open the pack of condoms with the mouth. This leads to fear of condom cutting and bursting. And if the condom breaks once it will not be useful in any way.
  • Check Expiry Date- Always check Expiry Date before buying condoms. Because expired condoms harm both men and women.
  • Keep quality carefully – Always use good quality condoms. Because cheap condoms also have the risk of infection in sex organs.
  • Wear the same way – if the condom is worn upside down, do not straighten it between intercourse. Because of this, the condom is at risk of getting the sperm, so that the probability of pregnancy increases.
  • When using condom, do not use any oil or lubricant at all.

Remove the wrong thinking from mind-

People fear that the use of condoms does not reach the peak level of sexual intercourse. While this is absolutely wrong.

Condoms should never be kept in purse and sunlight.


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