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Dos and Don’ts During Menstrual Period

Dos and Don’ts During Menstrual Period
In the days of the Period, every woman’s situation is different. Some women have to suffer pain during periods, so there are some things left in these days. The behavior of many women also changes. This is because these days women have many hormonal changes. To avoid all these situations, women do not have the right information about what they should and should not do in Periods. This is the reason why they can not solve their problems soon. So today in our article we talk about those days of Periods. In this article, you will know what women should and should not do in the days of menstruation. You can certainly enjoy your periods completely by adopting all the things mentioned below.

Avoid taking penicillin during periods

Research has shown that women who take painkillers to avoid pain during period periods, they are not very effective. Especially when they take these pills after pain. So doctors recommend that every woman should remember the date of her period. This is because if you feel pain after painkiller, you will have more effect.

Do not go to the gym if you are from month

According to Woman Health Magazine, there are plenty of challenges for women on the day of Period. During this time they have to face many problems. Many women also have pain in the body, in such cases, women do not make the mistake of going to the gym. Exercising heavy exercises in the gym pulls the body muscles, which causes bleeding when you feel pain during bleeding. It is advisable to skip gaming by specialists in the period of the period.

पीरियड्स खुलकर न आने के कारण, लक्षण और घरेलू इलाज

Do not Make Ways in Periods

Many women also do waxing in period times but remind them that women’s skin becomes sensitized at menstruation and they get more pain when waxing. Therefore, it should be avoided to do waxing during periods.

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Do not smoke in menstruation

Some women do not give up smoking even during periods but tell them that smoking in those days is to promote the healthy risk of themselves. According to a study published in a journal Tobacco Control, women who smoke cigarettes have to suffer more in the period rather than those who are a non-smoker. Experts believe that the women who smoke, the eggs become premature and they become worse, which reduces their chances of getting pregnant in the future. Therefore, it is advisable to not smoke in periodic time.

Avoid eating salty snacks in menstruation

Most women have the desire to eat some salty meals during menstruation, but very few people know that more salty things in menstruation cause swelling in the body. Rather, menstruation should be consumed with essential vitamins and mineral products during menstruation.

क्या प्रेगनेंसी में पीरियड्स होते है

Avoid making unprotected connections in menstruation

In the days of Periods, avoid unprotected relations should be avoided, as you can be pregnant by creating relationships even now. In addition to avoiding any type of infection, it should be avoided completely by forming relationships during periods. Special care should be taken when making physical relations during the period.


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