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Doutzen Kroes Biography

Doutzen Kroes was conceived on 23 January 1985 in the town of Eastermar (Dutch: Oostermeer). Her mom, Geartsje Leistra (conceived 15 December 1954), was a medical caretaker, at that point a teacher, and her dad, Johan Kroes (conceived 11 February 1952), was a psychotherapist.

During the 1970s they were both boss speed skaters. As a young lady, Doutzen tried to be an expert speed skater. Doutzen and her more youthful sister Rens, a nutritionist, grew up skating, cycling, and eating well food. As she reviewed:

I biked to class each day, around 25km there and back. My mum would state, on the off chance that you go on your bicycle it will make you more grounded. I figure it did… In the wide open I was constantly outside, sort of like a spitfire… I never at any point contemplated my looks. We didn’t have web-based social networking so we couldn’t take a gander at different young ladies and pictures from magazines.

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