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Eat Peas and Pumpkin Seeds for Good Marriage Life

Eat Peas and Pumpkin Seeds for Good Marriage Life,
Dessert and pumpkin seeds are very beneficial to increase bed stamina. For a good relationship, physical life is very important. It is a fact that people whose physical life is good are very happy in their relationship. Men get satisfied soon during physical, but women are not satisfied with it as quickly as possible. Karai studies show that 92 percent of women complain about being dissatisfied after sex. For a better physical life and better performance on the bed, it is also important to take a healthy lifestyle and eat some healthy food items as well. Dates eaten mainly in winter are considered to be extremely beneficial for physical life.

In this article, we are going to tell you in detail that what is happening in date is that it is better for physical life. Let us know why and how to do good physical life, and how to eat dates and pumpkin seeds.

How To Improve Sexual Power Of Men

There is adequate zinc in date palm. Zinc is very beneficial to increase the sperm count. In many studies, it has been found that zinc and amino acids present in date are very beneficial to increase sexual stamina. So, if you want to increase sexual supplements, then eat dates of palm in winter. Let us know how to use dates of dates

Benefits of dates and milk for better physical life

Drying of dates with milk is also very healthy as well as delicious. You can eat dates with hot milk and if you like, you can also make a date with palm milkshake. Apart from this, it is also very beneficial to take Kharjur with goat milk. Soak soap in the milk of goat milk overnight and mixing honey and cardamom in the morning increases physical power.

Life partner wants to do the bed satisfied, soak and eat

Dry dates are very beneficial for health and physical life. But the date of dates is hot. If you eat palm, there is a problem of acne on the face. To stay on the bed for a long time, you dry the dried palm in water. By taking kernels in the morning and taking these dates, it is beneficial to increase physical power.

जानें कैसे इलाइची बढ़ा सकती है मर्दाना शक्ति

Drink pot syrup to increase the sperm count

Palm syrup has Afrogacyic properties. This syrup is helpful in increasing the physical stamina, so if you do not like to eat dates you can also drink a date syrup. Apart from this, consuming 5-6 pounds daily helps improve your performance on the bed.

Benefits of Pumpkin seeds to increase physical potential

Pumpkin seeds are called the most healthy seeds, so there is no big deal. Pumpkin seeds contain enough quantities of antioxidants, magnesium, zinc, folate etc. nutrients. Due to having a good amount of zinc, pumpkin seeds are considered beneficial for health as well as helping to increase the sperm count. Pumpkin seeds like dates and oysters also have sufficient properties to activate men’s prostate gland. Zinc acts as a libido booster and consumes zinc foods that make physical life better. Let’s know ways of eating pumpkin seeds.

Physical Relation Problems in Men

Roast pumpkin seeds to eat and eat sperm count

Separate pumpkin seeds from the pulp and wash them and then dry them with water. Now roast them to roast and roast them and then serve cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, and black salt.

To increase physical power, fry the pumpkin seeds and eat

Apart from this, frozen pumpkin seeds can also be eaten. Pour it in a non-stick pan and heat it. Separate pumpkin seeds from the pulp and wash them and then dry them with water. Now fry the dried seeds of pumpkin in this pan and serve black pepper powder and salt in it.


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