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Gum Katira Benefits and side effects

Gum Katira Benefits and side effects
Gum Katira is usually consumed in the form of laddoo, health drinks and kheer. Gum Katira is a natural glue that is soluble in a flavorless, odorless, sticky water. The advantages of gum katira are numerous. Gum Katira is widely used in Ayurvedic medicines, as well as gum katira is also used in making jaggery laddus in India. The benefits of gum are not limited to the food industry alone. Gond Katira’s cosmetic industry also has a huge demand. The most beneficial thing of gum katira is that it does not dry up and it does not stick to itself like the other gum.

What is gum katira

Tragacanth or gum katira, a thorny bush that does not grow much in shape. Gum is obtained from this plant which we and you know by the name of gum katira. This gum is obtained by holes in the branches of the plant and the root. This gum is obtained in a lot of quantity from the plant.

Gond katira Nutrients Value

In this glue, nutrients are found in very high quantities, it is counted among very nutritious food items. It contains calcium, magnesium, and protein in very good quantities. This is why gum katira is very beneficial for pregnant and lactating women. This helps in strengthening their bones by providing calcium in their body. For this reason these women are fed laddus of gum katira.

Benefits of Gum Katira

Although the benefits of the tragacanth gum are broad and elaborate. It is used in cosmetics, textile industry, paper making etc. Gum Katira’s health benefits are also very high. It is used primarily for the health of women, as well as it helps to solve problems like urology, skin diseases, diarrhea, cardiovascular disease etc. Let’s see what the benefits of gum katira are.

Gond katira Remedy for urinary incontinence

Gum litter from Ayurvedic herb is a very beneficial remedy for urinary imbalance. It helps to relax urine muscles in the urinary tract swelling and inhibition of urine. At the same time also helps in reducing urine in the correct flow. By consuming it helps to remove most harmful substances in the body through urine. If you have any urine problem then you can use gum katira.

Gond katira Treat Constipation

Tragicanth’s gum has properties to clean the stomach, hence it is very helpful in treating constipation. By taking this gum it acts as a laxative and helps you to relieve constipation.

Gond katira good for Pregnancy

After delivery, women actually become weak. In such a situation, gum khatira (tragacanth) helps in gum strength in the body, and helps the women who become mothers in the first place to face the problems they face. It also helps in controlling heavy bleeding caused by excessive amounts during menstruation. Gum Katira is used as medicine during pregnancy, which is beneficial for both mother and newborn.

Increase breast Size

Most women are unhappy and disappointed with the size of their breasts. Gum Katira acts like a breast-enhancing drug. Regular consumption of it will benefit the women whose breasts are small and they want to increase their size. This is Ayurvedic treatment to increase breasts. In a glass of water in the night, a large spoon of gum katira, lint. In the next morning, add some ice and 1 teaspoon sugar and add a glass of milk to it. To make your breasts naturally, you eat this tonic every day.

Gond katira Increase Libido in men

Gum is the best remedy for improving libido in fetal men. Gum katira is a good aphrodisiac and thus it helps to increase sexual desire in men. It is a natural remedy for any kind of sexual inattention or weakness in men. It helps premature ejaculation, involuntary discharge or night discharge to solve any type of problem.

Gond katira Treat heat stroke

This medicinal properties have cooling properties, due to which it is mostly used to make soft drinks. It helps to cool down in the summer season. It has its special properties which acts as a cooling agent and reduce body temperature. It helps in preventing heat attacks. Gum Katira nasal is very useful in controlling bleeding which often occurs in children during the summer season.

Gond katira benefits for Skin

You can make facial masks for anti-aging using glue worm. Ginger some glue in water at night. Next morning, add 2 teaspoons, 1 tablespoon milk powder, 2 spoons of almond powder, and 1 teaspoon green vegetable powder from the white part of the egg, and in the soaked gum katira. Mix well until all these are smooth. Put this mixture on your face and neck. Wash it after 20 minutes after applying it. It is very beneficial for your skin.

Gond katira Other Benefits
  • It is used to dress the burnt organ. For this, a paste of gum katira is made that helps in the treatment of irritation.
  • Proteins are very good in gum katira, which are very beneficial for health.
  • Gum Katira also has properties that eliminate Ture.
  • It is commonly used as a herbal Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of cough and diarrhea.
  • Gum katira is also helpful in strengthening the immune system.
  • It is also useful for treating oral ulcers.
  • By taking this gum in cold weather, it brings heat in the body.
  • It helps in controlling heart beats. Just roast it in the night and drink it with water in the morning.
Gum Katira side effects

In the above article, you know what the benefits and health benefits of gum katira are, as the benefits of eating gum katira are many, there is also the loss of eating gum katira. Let us know about the loss of gum katira side effects In.

  • It is safe to take gum katira from the mouth in the form of a medicine. But before taking it, make sure if you are drinking enough water or not because when you do not drink enough fluids it can cause obstruction in your intestines, which can cause problems related to constipation and stomach.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding: There is not enough information about the use of gum katira during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid usage.
  • Allergic to the bark: Gum Katira can cause respiratory problems in those people who are sensitive to quillaia bark.



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