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Home Remedies For Removing eye Fatigue

Home Remedies For Removing eye Fatigue
Eyes are a very important part of our body, without them our life gets darkened, we should take care of our eyes, but in the busy life of today, we ignore the fatigue of the eyes. Working on a continuous computer causes eyes to become tired and it starts getting irritable and irritable. Apart from this there may be other causes which cause tiredness in the eyes, it is a common problem, but if it is ignored, it can also be serious, our eyes also need rest. You can take some home remedies to remove the tiredness of the eyes.

Causes of Tiredness of eyes

Any work that requires more than eye sight can cause fatigue of your eyes. These reasons can be normal, such as reading, writing, driving, if you see a bright light or more at that place If you have low light, you can also have pain in your eyes for a long time. If you look at computers, smartphones for a long time, then your eyes get tired because of this, doctors call this fatigue in the name of computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain. Generally, people blink their eyelids 18 times in a minute, but if a person uses a computer or smartphone, they only snooze their eyes halfway, due to which the eyes are dry, tired, and the eyes begin getting itchy. .

Symptoms of Tiredness of eyes

As soon as a person is fatigued in the eyes, then the symptoms of the person begin to understand clearly. It may be due to some other symptoms such as problems in concentrating, eye dryness, excessive irritation, blurring or double vision, neck, back and shoulder pain. Even after the exhaustion of the eyes, you are working for a long time, it can be harmful for the eyes, lack of sleep and the lack of essential nutrients in the diet can also be the reason.

Remedies for removing eye fatigue

There is a lot of trouble in the eyes because of heavyness and fatigue, there is no reason to do any work, some home remedies are being given to remove this heavyness and fatigue of the eyes, which you can use only in the eyes of the eyes Get rid of fatigue –

Eat cucumber for Tiredness of eyes

Our bodies require water, water is found in very large quantities of cucumber, we use it as most salads, it gives our body coolness. It is very beneficial to cure the burning in the eyes, the cucumber fixes the pain and burning of your eyes, along with the cucumber fixing the dark circle under your eyes and the swollen eyes. For this you take two slices of cucumber and keep them in cold water for 2-3 minutes, keep these slices on your eyes for 10 minutes. If you have pain in your eyes, you can do it three times a day, it will get relief.

Drink enough water to relieve eyesight

Dehydration is one of the main causes of fatigue in the eyes, so be sure to hydrate yourself in the morning, and keep a bottle together for the whole day, try to drink 2 liters of water every day.

Measuring the Eyes of Burning Rose Water

Gulab water is considered to be a famous for home remedies, laxatives are of cold nature. When your eyes are tired, you can put it in the eyes. It fixes pain and burning in the eyes, it will give your eyes instant relief. To put the rose water in the eyes, dip cotton cotton seeds in rose water and squeeze it a bit, and close your eyes and keep them on top, keep it for 10-15 minutes. If you use this rose water cooling it will give more benefits. You have to do this work two to three times a day.

Aloe vera is the remedy to remove eye fatigue

Aloe vera is known as a very potent drug; Aloe vera has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that help reduce the pain and fatigue of your eyes. Aloe vera is very comfortable for eyes. To use aloe vera, take a spoonful Aloe vera gel, dilute it by mixing it in one teaspoon of water. Soak cotton cotton seeds in it and let it keep the eyes of your eyes closed for 10 minutes, so that your eyes will get relief. Use this fresh aloe vera for this, you have to do this treatment twice a day.

Milk And Honey for eyes irritation

We are very well acquainted with honey, we have been using it in home remedies very long, antibacterial properties are found in honey, it can cure eye infections. Milk is full of nutrients, heat up the heat and eliminates inflammation. Using milk and honey to remove the fatigue of the eyes, add 2-3 drops of honey in a spoonful of hot milk; Now put this mixture in the eyes of a dropper, then close your eyes for some time. Take your eyes off with clean water, afterwards. Do this job twice a day.



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