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How to do Bleach Correctly to Face

how to do bleach correctly to face
Learn how to bleach skin is one of the most popular beauty treatments worldwide for whitening when it comes to lightening the hair of the face, then bleach cream is extremely effective bleaching is actually a good method for women. Bleaching is quick, easy, hassle-free and comes with long-lasting effects. Bleaching cream kit is very easy to use for a face but bleaching can be quite expensive in the parlor. Bleaching removes the dead skin of your face and increases the acceleration of your face. Bleaching is done not only on your face, but it can also be applied on hands, feet, back, neck etc.

Here’s how you can bleach safely on your face at home. At the same time, we will also tell you the right way to make some natural bleach in your kitchen with natural ingredients.

Who Should Bleach

Here are some important reasons to be listed and why it is to bleach your skin. If your needs are meeting with them, then you need to bleach at home.

  • If your face is full of hair
  • Your face absorbs oil very easily
  • If you have to face pollution every day
  • If your face is tand
  • If your skin is full of patchy and pigments
  • If you have open holes in your face
  • Depending on your skin type, choose bleach which suits your skin well.

What does bleach do to face

Bleach lightens the face off your face compared to your skin. It’s really good for those girls who have lots of hair on their face, or which are quite dark in color. We know that bleaching can be a bit painful, especially when you are bleaching yourself. Now we will tell you how to bleach safely bleach at home.

Types of Bleach

Bleaching cream of the face will be easily found in any store. Such as Diamond Bleach, Gold Bleach, Pearl Bleach, Bronze Bleach and Fruit Bleach Brands like Fame, Oxiglow, VLCC, etc. are very popular. You can also do it on a beauty parlor, but due to lack of time, we often have to use them at home. Here we are telling you the method of bleaching properly.

Cleansing the face for apply Bleach cream

First of all, you should wash your face with face wash like a Clenzer. Do not use cleansing milk and use face wash so that they clean the filth and every impurity well.

Applying the Pre-Bleach Cream

Many bleach creams are coming with pre and post-bleach cream. So, if you have got pre-bleach cream in your kit, then after washing your face, apply it on the face. Slowly massage the pre-bleach cream and leave it on the face for a minute.

How to prepare Bleach Cream mixture
  • In the meantime, when you have a pre-bleach cream on your face, you can prepare your bleach cream mixture. Follow these steps to prepare:
  • Take two scoops of bleach cream in a bowl (plastic or glass bowl is better, do not use metal utensils or bowls)
  • Take 2-3 pinches of activator powder
  • Mix these two well with small spatula that come with you or mix them with fingers.

Bleach Cream Application

Now, it’s time to put bleach cream on your face. You can use it with the help of a spatula or your fingers. Using fingers is best. Apply bleaching cream to the whole face. And on some neck too. Avoid putting eyeballs, mouth, and eyes under the eyes. If some of these Cream take place at these places then take the cloth and remove it.

How long to keep Bleach Cream

Wait 15 minutes, if you have medium skin or only 10 minutes if your skin color is dark. You may feel tingling or burning on the skin, but this is normal because it means bleach is working.

Removing the bleach off the face

You can wash the face by removing the bleach cream with the help of first clothes or tissue paper. Without washing bleach cream should not wash the face, this is the reason why we recommend removing the cream from towel or tissue first. Put a gentle moisturizer later.

What to do after bleach

After this you can put a post bleach cream in the kit or use only light moisturizer.

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