Jordan Rodgers Jojo Fletcher in Love Life

Jordan Rodgers Jojo Fletcher in Love Life

Jordan Rodgers Jojo Fletcher in Love Life
Jordan Rodgers Jojo Fletcher in Love Life

Lovebirds! Now that JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are off TV and just your average everyday engaged couple, they’re falling more in love with each passing day. has the EXCLUSIVE details on how their relationship is the hottest its ever been now that the cameras are gone and real life is underway.

“They have been growing stronger as a couple and have been falling deeper in love since the cameras have left their side and real life has begun for them,”
. JoJo Fletcher, 25, proved just that as she gushed about her 27-year-old fiance Jordan Rodgers Aug. 22. She Instagrammed a picture of the smiling couple with the message, “So proud of this boy right here — Not only is he the most loving, kindhearted and selfless man. But also unbelievably hardworking and driven. Congrats on your first week w/the SEC Network bubbi! You deserve it.” Bubbi?!
How sweet is that, she already has a cute nickname for him!

As we previously reported, Jordan has been going out of his way to prove to JoJo that he can be trusted, especially after his ex Brittany Farrar‘s very public
cheating allegations against him from back when they were dating. Our source told us EXCLUSIVELY that, “He has put into action a plan to show JoJo that he can
be trusted. He started by giving her passwords to his phone and email. She may not be checking his texts or anything but she feels more comfortable knowing he is
not trying to hide anything.”

Jordan’s now working for ESPN’s SEC Network as a college football analyst and travels to their taping headquarters in Charlotte, NC for the weekend games,
so the happy couple is having to spend some time apart as the fall football season gets underway. But our source added he makes sure to check in with her every day
and share what he’s up to when they’re apart. How sweet! We knew these two were totally going to make it!

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