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Never Feed the infants under one Year

Never Feed the infants under one Year
Every mother wants her child to get rich nutrition, without thinking of it, without thinking it, babies feed everything they should not feed them to babies. Actually, there is a capacity of catering at every age. If the infant is under age, then he should give only food in a certain quantity. Here we will tell you what you should not feed your infant under one year.


Your baby’s kidneys can not handle salt yet By the way, it is not right to encourage its choice. Do not mix the canned food of adults in the baby’s diet. The quantity of salt in the canned food is high.


Even if the baby is cough, even then he should not give honey until he is one year old.

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Put sweet bananas or boiled fruit or puree puree for sweeteners. You can also mix excreted breast milk or canned milk.

Artificial Products for Sweeteners

Low-calorie drinks or syrups, in which artificial sweeteners are added, they are not suitable for your baby. They do not have any nutrients and they can be sweet to the baby.

Whole grains

Whole nuts can get stuck in the infant’s respiratory tract or flutter.

Tea or Coffee

To make the baby’s milk a little lukewarm, it is not right to add some tea to her bottle. Tannins present in the tea can cause obstruction to the right mix of food. Any caffeine containing drinks is not suitable for the baby.

Low fat diet

Malachi milk, yogurt and low fat cheese are not suitable for your baby. Always give the baby fat things She needs calories.

Such foods, which are threatened with food poisoning and stomach infection, such as Brie or Camembert cheese, Kaleji (lever) Pate, boiled well, curd or raw eggs.

Do not give milk of cow (or goat or sheep) as a main drink before one year.



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