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Party Mom – Official Trailer


About Party Mom Hollywood Movie

When a Party Mom allows things to go too far with her daughter`s house party, murder and mayhem are the deadly consequences

Director: Michael Feifer
Cast: Amber Frank, Brian Krause, Elise Luthman, Krista Allen, Megan Ward

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Party Mom – Official Trailer

About Party Mom Storyline:

When Brittany (Elise Luthman) befriends Ashley (Amber Frank), she`s welcomed into a world of friends, shopping, and wild, alcohol-fueled parties hosted by Ashley`s attention-seeking mother, Jackie (Krista Allen). But when Brittany and some friends drunkenly crash their car after one of the parties it leads to a catastrophic series of events, where Jackie is arrested, Ashley is murdered, and Brittany`s family must protect themselves from the vengeful Party Mom.


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