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Physical Relation Problems in Men

Means Sexual Weakness Resions In Hindi

What are physical relation Problems

When it comes to physical relation problems in men, first of all, those who do not want to be interested in physical relation or who have no interest in physical relation.

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Testosterone deficiency

One of the reasons for physical relation ability is the lack of physical relation hormone testosterone. The decrease in the amount of testosterone in the blood is common among men when the age of 40 is exceeded. Hormones have a problem associated with age, but some people suffer from it at the beginning of their life. Lack of testosterone in the blood reduces fatigue, brain changes, insomnia, and Physical desire.

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Premature Ejaculation

This is a normal physical relation problem in men. In this, men fall apart without satisfying the woman. Being afraid of being in front of a woman, the emission of semen also comes under physical relation problems. This makes the men run away from fear or shy away from the woman and try to hide their disease.

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Muscle weakness

The biggest reason for ending interest in physical relation is the weakening of erectile dysfunction i.e. gender muscles. This problem can also be caused by not eating vitamin B several times, smoking and alcohol, etc. Our lifestyle has a direct connection to this problem. Sometimes stress can also be the reason for this.

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Apathy towards physical relation

Men with depression are seen in men who drink drugs, cocaine, etc. More obesity also creates a dislike for a physical relationship in the person. Diseases such as heart disease, anemia, and diabetes also make men feel indifferent to physical relation. Highly busy life also affects physical relation life.

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The delusion of lack of physical relation power

Many people believe that after one age, there is a decrease in Physical power in the body. Although this is not entirely true. If men take care of their health properly, then they can enjoy physical relation to life for a long time.

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Controlling drugs contrary to

Lack of physical relation desire may be due to the use of more medicines, effects of diseases in the body, urinary tract disease, tension and mental problems.

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