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Pihu Official Trailer


Story of Pihu Movie

In the early morning hours,2 year old Pihu attempts to wake her inert mother. Surrendering, she continues investigating the open loft still chaotic after the previous evening’s birthday party. Hungry, she goes all over stairs, searches for sustenance, endeavors to arrange the cooler, the microwave, the stove, consuming her toast all the while intermittently occupied from her tasks by apprehensive telephone calls from her dad who is hysterically attempting to achieve his significant other, while he is away.

The tension ratchets up as we weakly observe the delightful tyke avoiding a flooding sink, neglecting to kill the fire on the stove, gambling a fall and Mammy isn’t awakening. You’ll chuckle, you’ll pant, however you will be on the edge of your seat all through and entranced by the execution of the pihu.

Pihu Official Trailer

Pihu Movie Cast

  • Myra Vishwakarma
  • Prerna Sharma
  • Vinod Kapri
  • Yogesh Jani
  • Iren Dhar Malik, Sheeba Sehgal


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