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Pregnant Brain: Why is the Problem of Forgetting During Pregnancy?

Pregnant Brain-Why is the Problem of Forgetting During Pregnancy
Health Desk There are many physical and mental changes due to hormonal changes in women during pregnancy. These hormones not only affect their physical appearance but also the functionality of the brain. Approximately 50 to 80 percent of women complain about pregnancy or childbirth after a problem or lack of memory.

The lack of memory in medical science is called ‘amnesia’. In the same way when a pregnant woman or new mother has a problem related to yadashat, then that condition is called ‘Momnesia’ or ‘pregnant brain’.

What can be done?

Hormones are primarily responsible for decreasing brain efficiency during pregnancy. In many research it was found that this deficiency also influences neural networks which are responsible for improving the emotional bond between mother and child during pregnancy. The main reason for this is changing in the hormone but there may be reasons not to take the right diet, do more work, take less sleep, etc.

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Which symptoms give attention?

Tension, lack of work, and lack of appetite can be symptoms. Due to stress, depression and night sleep, the brain’s performance is affected. Generally, symptoms begin to appear in the fifth month. Mainly it is related to mother, it does not show its effect on children. It is very common to forget things in pregnancy. But if there is a lack of sympathy at the critical level, then consult the doctor. Due to this, lack of appetite and not wanting to eat anything can also happen. In this case, consult a psychiatrist.

What is called study

A neuropsychological research involves 412 pregnant women, 272 mothers and 386 women who were not pregnant. All of them got a memory test. Conclusion It was revealed that pregnant women had to face the most problems in more challenging memory work.

Reduction in memory in pregnancy is very common and real. However, due to the lack of medical evidence regarding changes in the brain during pregnancy, the neurological community has been divided into two parts. There are different ideas for both these changes. But, the people of both groups agree on the reality of the changes.
How to deal with or lack of cure?
  • It can be cured by improving your lifestyle. Do yoga and exercise daily. Feed the balanced and at the right time.
  • By compiling a list of everyday tasks and implementing them as old as that, there is also an effective solution. Get help from everyone at work.
  • Make a system in the house and walk. Set the place of each object and keep it there after the work is done. This practice will join the habit some days later.
  • Remember to remember their name when they meet a new person by adding their name to the flower. Identifying flowers is well-involved in the memory.
  • Take enough sleep. If sleep is not complete, brain efficiency is low


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