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The Treatment of every Disease of Stomach is Rs 5 in the Kitchen

The Treatment of every Disease of Stomach is Rs 5 in the Kitchen
Due to the deteriorating lifestyle today, the life of a runny life and stressful life, stomach disorders have become very common among people. Due to the increased intake of fast food and lack of food at home, it is imperative to have stomach diseases. Fennel in the kitchen is the perfect remedy for problems like constipation, gas, indigestion, chest burn, and sour Dakar. Fennel is rich in many medicinal properties. The best quality of fennel is that it benefits the person of every age. Elephants such as calcium, sodium, iron, potassium are found in fennel. Let’s know how fennel food can be beneficial for health.

Fennel for stomach

Fennel is very beneficial for stomach problems. If you have a stomach ache, chew the roasted fennel lightly. Drinking cold fennel also gives relief. It relaxes the stomach of the stomach and stops it. Apart from this, drinking fennel also complains about stomach and constipation. Make a powder by grinding the fennel with sugar or sugar or sugar, and at night, take 5 grams of powdered powder with light water and drink it with water. There will be no stomach problem and gas and constipation will be far away.

Other Benefits of Fennel

  • Eyelashes can be increased by taking fennel. Grind the fennel and sugar candy with equal parts. Take one spoon of it with water twice a day for two months. it increases eye sight.
  • Fennel should be eaten on diarrhea. Chewing gum twice a day with fennel pulp ends indigestion and diarrhea is beneficial.
  • After eating fennel, the food digested well. Make the powder by adding fennel, cumin and black salt. After this meal, take this powder with light lukewarm water, it is the best digestive powder.
  • Fennel makes great use when coughing. Mix 10 grams of fennel extracts in honey and it will stop coughing.
  • After complaining of burning sensation in the hands and feet, after mixing the amount of coriander with equal quantity of fennel, mixed with sugar candy, after eating it, taking 5 to 6 grams of quantity in the amount of time rests in a few days.
  • Fennel should be chewed if sore throat Finger coughing is also cleaned with fennel chewing.


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