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These 5 things include hair loss

These 5 things include hair loss, hair loss
As much as necessary to provide the nourishment to the hair, external care is as much as that of internal care. Include things in your diet that can relieve the problem of hair loss and make your hair healthy.

Diet for hair loss is responsible

If you are troubled by the problem of hair fall, then it can also result in the diet you take. When you are deprived of your body’s essential nutrients which are essential for the development of hair, hair loss can be a problem. Let’s learn about a diet that prevents hair loss problem.

Vitamin B-Complex

It helps hemoglobin to deliver oxygen to the scalp and hair follicles. Lack of vitamin B-complexes can cause hair weakness and damage. If your body lacks it then you can complete it with natural sources like chicken, tuna and salmon or vitamin pills.


Our scalp contains oil glands which work to produce oil and whose deficiency leads to dryness, dandruff and hair fall in Scalp. Take lentils to provide enough zinc to your hair.

Dairy Product

If the hair is moving very fast then start eating milk products. Vitamin A is filled in curd and skimmed milk. They increase the production of sebum, which eliminates baldness.

Sesame Seeds

Hemoglobin is required to supply enough oxygen and blood in all organs of our body with hair. Copper helps in making more hemoglobin. Due to its deficiency the hair becomes weak and delicate, causing hair loss. Sesame seeds are considered to be good sources of copper.

Spinach and Carrot

Very nutritious, antioxidant and vitamin B, C and E are found in spinach green leafy vegetables. It also contains potassium, omega-3, iron and calcium. All this prevents hair from falling.

Carrots are good for hair. It provides beta carotene and vitamin A to the hair. Eating carrots produces syrups in the head and the hair grows.


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