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About Waterfall

A cascade is where water streams over a vertical drop or a progression of soak drops throughout a stream or waterway. Cascades additionally happen where meltwater drops over the edge of an unthinkable chunk of ice or ice rack.

Cascades are ordinarily shaped in the upper course of a stream in soak mountains. In light of their scene position, numerous cascades happen over bedrock sustained by small contributing region, so might be fleeting and stream just amid rainstorms or critical snowmelt.

The further downstream, the more lasting a cascade can be. Cascades can have an extensive variety of widths and profundities, and this assorted variety is a piece of what makes them such a charming and fascinating regular marvel. Examination into the assorted variety of normal cascades systematics has been done as of late

Top 5 Waterfall

  • KAIETEUR FALLS-Potaro River, Guyana
  • ANGEL FALLS-Canaima, Venezuela
  • NIAGARA FALLS Ontario, Canada New York, USA
  • Victoria Falls-Zimbabwe
  • IGUAZU FALLS – Brazil

Waterfall images


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