Wedding Anniversary Movie Review

Wedding Anniversary Movie Review


Wedding Anniversary Movie Review


Goa holds a special place in Kahani and Nirbhay’s minds. After all, that’s where their love blossomed. The couple decides to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in Goa and Kahani plans a romantic surprise for Nirbhay. But not everything goes as per the plan.


Reading philosophical musings in books is one thing, but turning them into solutions for love problems and putting them on screen is entirely different. By doing just that, director Shekhar S Jha makes the viewer go through endless conversations that are so heavy on the mind that one is ought to doze off sooner or later.

CAST:Nana Patekar, Mahie Gill, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Shruti Marathe, Yatin Karyekar
DIRECTION: Shekhar S Jha
DURATION: 1 hour 50 minutes
स्‍टार: 2
GENRE: Drama

Kahani (Gill) has made all preparations for a romantic wedding anniversary celebration but Nirbhay (Chatterjee, in a cameo) has to stay back in Mumbai for a meeting. Furious at the change of plans, Kahani fights with Nirbhay and dozes off while reading a book. Soon after, the doorbell rings and Kahani is surprised to find Nagarjun (Patekar), the author of the book she’s reading, at her doorstep. The two hit it off with Nagarjun sharing interesting anecdotes and experiences about love. Both of them move around Goa and come across different couples that bring out various aspects of a relationship. In the process, Nagarjun makes Kahani understand that love is about understanding each other first.

The biggest problem with this film is its heavy reliance on monologues; Patekar is just waiting to break into one. Throughout the film, he speaks and Gill listens. At times when they are not doing that, she asks questions and he starts speaking again. Yes, Patekar knows the art of enunciation and reciting poetry, and it helps him sail through this particular role. But the veteran’s command on the craft alone isn’t enough to salvage the movie. Gill, who has played strong women characters in the past, tries hard but is a misfit in this role.

If you have issues in your love-life, visit a marriage counsellor. Wedding Anniversary will only add some phrases to your Hindi/ Urdu vocabulary.

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