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What to do During the Period

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There is always a dilemma in women’s mind about what to do and what should not be done in the days of Periods. That’s because different people say different things. Some people say this should be done at the time of the month, so some old people say that should not do this. In this case, the Periods become trouble for women and they can not understand what is right for them in these days of menstruation and what is not right for them.

Drink more during Periods

To reduce swelling and cramps during the period, it is very important to keep yourself hydrated. During periods, if you feel swelling in the body then you need to drink more quantity of water. Remember to minimize coffee, tea, and chocolate intake during this time. Because all these things also cause the problem of cramps with dehydration in your body. So keep the distance from them.

Keep changing pad times

Due to mobility, women often ignore their hygiene, but during periods they need to change the pad three to four times a day, keeping them in view of hygiene. By using the same pad throughout the day, the bacteria begin to grow, causing the problem of infection. So keep an extra pad in your purse in Period Time so that if you need to change it once a day. Doing this will save you from the problem of halitosis.

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Have good sleep in menstruation

In the days of periods, the more sleep they complete, the better for their health. Try to sleep for 8 to 9 hours. This is the best way to remove mood swings and irritability in the month’s time.

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Period, use of heating pads

To get rid of a pain in periods, the heating pad is the best option. If you have pain in the waist of the month, there is a stomach cramp, then keep the heating pad on your stomach. This will give you relief from pain. Not only this, you will be able to easily absorb your periods.

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